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MUS 390

Music History Topics

In-depth investigations of specialized topics in music history (encompassing art, popular, and folk musics) explored through musicological and interdisciplinary lenses. These courses usually put an emphasis on writing and/or speaking skills. Recent offerings have included studies of genres (Broadway musicals; sacred music of the 18th century), composers (Mozart), and eras (the Vietnam War).

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
MUS 265 and MUS 266 or consent of instructor 1 course

Fall Semester information

Elissa Harbert

390A: Tps:Women in Western Music

Despite women's severe underrepresentation in the canon of famous composers and musicians, women have always been a powerful presence in the music world, composing, performing, and championing music throughout the ages. This course explores the diverse musical activities of women in classical and popular music of Europe and North America from the ancient world to the present. In addition to introducing you to many individual women and their cultural contexts, we will consider approaches to the study of gender and sexuality, misogynist and feminist perspectives in music scholarship and criticism, and representations of women and gender in historical and contemporary media. As a PPD course, we will frequently discuss the barriers to inclusion that marginalized groups experience in the music world, with particular focus on the ways the women of color and gender and sexual minorities have experienced inequity and oppression even while making many central contributions to musical culture. Prerequisites: MUS 265 and MUS 266 or consent of instructor.