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PACS 290

Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies

An examination of selected topics dealing with conflict or peace studies. Courses, while interdisciplinary in nature, will generally be taught from a peace and conflict studies perspective.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science 1/4-1/2-1.0 course

Fall Semester information

Mahdis Azarmandi

290A: Tps:International Peace Building

This course will focus on the subject of peacebuilding. Long after the military struggle of a civil war has ended and a peace settlement has been negotiated (or imposed), there remains the difficult task of rebuilding the war-torn society. Peacebuilding however also takes place in societies that experience different types of violence and trauma that is not civil war or forms of overt violence. The purpose of this seminar is to explore what the term peacebuilding means; how peace is restored, by whom and for what ends; and the many obstacles that arise to slow down and in some cases to disrupt the peace process. Throughout the course we will apply theories of peacebuilding to real world examples ranging from local peacebuilding efforts to international peacebuilding operations. The class builds the capacity of students to analyze and engage in a variety of conflicts at an interpersonal, organizational, neighborhood, national and international level. Students will obtain a basic understanding of a wide variety of conflicts and be able to analyze various strategies and practices of alternative conflict resolution.

Spring Semester information

Mahdis Azarmandi

290A: Tps:Commemorating Violence & Peace