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PACS 295

Applied Conflict Analysis and Resolution

This course is the PACS major's applied course, and is also a W course. It serves as a bridge between the introductory course in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program (PACS 100) and the Program's senior capstone experience (PACS 430) for majors, but all students are welcome. The course includes a full mediation training and students leave with applied analytic skills, research skills, a variety of practical conflict engagement and transformation skills, and as trained mediators. The class also includes practice doing substantive research and conflict analysis, in preparation for upper-level research, and applying conflict resolution and transformation processes to conflicts and social problems. Much of the writing models real-life formats such as summary reports and project proposals. The overall focus is on practical, real-world skills including understanding and responding to conflict, and communicating and sharing those skills and insights, both in written and presentation forms.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science 1 course

Fall Semester information

Rachel Goldberg

295A: Applied Conflict Analysis