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POLS 235

Equality and Justice

This course investigates multiple dimensions of the principle of equality, such as equality in nature, equality among the sexes, equality among classes and equality before the law. It puts them in the context of broader discussions of justice and interrogates the relationship between the two through a close reading of texts by Cicero, Locke, Goldman, Fanon, Nietzsche and Wendy Brown. Some of the questions raised by this course include, does an embrace of equality lead to a tolerant and socially just polity where resources and opportunity are available to all? Or does an uncritical adoption of equality lead to a stunted and conformist politics that is reluctant to accept change and restricts individual freedom?

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science- or -Privilege, Power And Diversity 1 course

Fall Semester information

Smita Rahman

235A: Equality and Justice