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REL 290

Topics in Religion

Topics such as religious phenomena, e.g., Millenialism, religious ethics and historical religious figures and movements. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Matt Dillon

290A: Tps:Experiencing God: Western Mystical Traditions

In this course we will analyze mystical literature in the west from 500 BCE to the present. Beginning with the mystical matrix (Platonism, Apocalypticism, and Mystery Religions), we will proceed to the primary mystical literature from three major western religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), culminating in the study of more recent authors in whose work east meets west. Specific topics include visionary ascent, mystical interpretations of scripture, sexuality, autobiographical writings, and paranormal abilities.

Spring Semester information

Matt Dillon

290A: Tps:Jesus Through the Ages

No individual has been written about, debated, or depicted over the last 2000 years as much as Jesus of Nazareth. Depictions of Jesus, however, are far from uniform. Christian groups have conceived him differently from the period of Christian origins until the present. Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, and New Age commentators also have their own Jesus. In this course, we will survey a range of depictions of Jesus from within Christianity, other world religions, new religions, fiction and film.