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UNIV 183

Off-Campus Extended Studies Course

Faculty-led domestic and international study and service courses that provide students opportunities to explore and experience other cultures, learn in new environments, develop skills not readily acquired elsewhere, and deepen their understanding of the global community. Curricular offerings earn .5 course credit and count toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement; co-curricular offerings do not carry academic credit but do count toward the Extended Studies requirement.

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Winter Term information

Erica Hanrahan

183IK: Softball Tour Hawai'i 2022 (off-campus)

Members will play 6 games in Australia and New Zealand. It was significant that we chose these two countries because Australia is the only country outside of the United States to medal in all Olympic games that Softball has been a representative sport. New Zealand is the birthplace of fastpitch softball. In Hawai'i three D2 universities will play DePauw in double headers.

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