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UNIV 185

Independent Project

D. Domestic Off-Campus, I. International Off-Campus, N. On-Campus. Student-designed individual or group projects. Students initiate a project by submitting a proposal endorsed by a faculty member who has expertise in the area of the research or creative work and who is available to provide guidance on the project. Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on Experiential Learning and may also require approval by the Institutional Review Board for projects that involve human subjects or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for projects involving research on animals. (0 course credits. Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.)

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
0 course credits

Fall Semester information

Humberto Barreto

185NA: Ind Project: Visual Basic

Winter Term information

David Berque

185DA: Ind Proj:JavaScript Programming

Humberto Barreto

185NA: Ind Proj:Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Spring Semester information

Humberto Barreto

185NA: Ind Project:Visual Basic