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UNIV 191

Campus Topics

Campus Topics is a colloquium devoted to a major campus event. Participants meet approximately seven times through the semester to discuss materials related to the event and they complete a project, which may involve preparing the campus for the event, participating in it, or reflecting on its impact.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/4 course

Fall Semester information

Ronald Dye

191A: Tps:Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

This quarter credit class will meet on Wednesdays for the first eight weeks of the semester. The course will explore the William Shakespeare play "Measure for Measure" both from a critical and historical perspective and also as a performance piece. The course will be taught by Ron Dye, Andrea Sununu, Amity Reading, Tamara Stasik, Caroline Good and Gigi Jennewein.

The course is discussion based; students will read the play and also articles from various sources. Students will also rehearse and present a scene from the play and write a reflection essay on their rehearsal process, which will include working one class period with professional Shakespearean actors in the visiting artists company Actors From The London Stage.

Spring Semester information

Kevin Kinney

191A: Tps:Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

This course will use the recent book by Robert Sapolsky to examine the biological underpinnings of human behavior- from very proximate influences (what happened just before the event) through more remote influences (how one's upbringing, place in society, and even how evolution set the stage for the proximate events). Sapolsky's book deals with how humans behave "at our best and worst," and so we will see how our biology influences such behaviors. This course is biology-focused, but no prior biology coursework is needed.