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UNIV 297

Summer Internship

This non-credit summer internship is for students participating in an on-campus summer research internship or an individually arranged external internship that is connected to the student's academic program. An internship must involve a minimum of 200 hours at the internship site and must be clearly related to the student's academic program. Enrollment requires approval of a learning contract by a faculty sponsor in the student's academic program and the internship director. The academic component of the internship is detailed in the learning contract, and may include readings, on-site journals or reflections, and a final internship report. Internship categories: A. Health Science; B. Legal/Political; C. Museum/Public History; D. Music Business; E. Business; F. Computer Science/Technology; G. Science Research; H. Education; I. Pastoral; J. Mental Health; K. Mass Media; M. Coaching; N. Sports Science; P. Non-Profit; Q. Arts.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
0 credit