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WGSS 290

Topics in Women's Studies

An interdisciplinary exploration of a particular theme, area or period, with respect to issues of women and gender.

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1 course

Fall Semester information

Leigh-Anne Goins

290A: Tps:Media and Marginalized Bodies

(New) Media and Marginalized Bodies examines the representations of groups and bodies in media. Through a critical historical lens, we focus on representations of those who experience social marginalization (e.g. gender, sexuality, religion, race, nationality). Each week, students will interrogate social constructions, patterns of representation, and discourse(s) to outline the role of power/knowledge, discourse and discursive formations on perceptions of bodies. We begin our analyses with art, newspapers, comics, and radio, transition to television and streaming media (e.g. Hulu and Netflix originals), and conclude with examinations of media in the digital sphere and negotiations of representation in social media (e.g. Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram).