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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Isolate a molecule that may cure cancer. Protect an inventor’s patented creation. Explain a new scientific discovery to readers.

Chemistry or biochemistry majors and minors may have any of these pursuits – or hundreds more – through the study of chemicals and how they comprise our world. Whether your future is in a laboratory, a classroom, a courtroom or an operating room, studying chemistry or biochemistry at DePauw gives you a deep understanding of the physical and living world, rigorous coursework and advanced lab experience.

Erin Pasch

I’ve met a lot of great people who have a genuine love for service and helping others.-Erin Pasch

Areas of Study


Prof Eppley and students in lab

Internships Students Have Participated In:

  • Elanco

  • Eli Lilly 

  • DePauw student-faculty summer research 

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

  • UConn Health, biomedical research intern

  • UC Davis Health

  • IN Dept of Health, environmental chemistry intern

Graduate Programs

Graduate schools students have attended:

  • Colorado State University

  • Duke University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • University of Michigan

  • Purdue University

  • Indiana University

  • University of Notre Dame

  • University of Wisconsin

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Washington University

students w/ Prof Gurnon working on a problem

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  • Sharon Crary, Ph.D., Duke University. Research focused on biochemistry of disease with a current focus on defects in a metabolic enzyme.
  • Hilary Eppley, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research focused on synthesis of coordination polymers in ionic liquids.
  • Bridget Gourley, Ph.D., University of Utah. Research focused on water in confinement using reverse micelles as model systems and theoretical modeling of laser-molecule interactions.
  • Dan Gurnon, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research focused on genetic variance of uncertain significance.
  • Jeff Hansen, Ph.D., Iowa State University. Research focused on synthesis of new organic compounds and investigating their anti-cancer properties.
  • David Harvey, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Research focused on development of curricular materials for analytical chemistry.
  • Richard Martoglio, Ph.D., University of Wyoming. Research focused on developing methods to analyze pharmaceuticals using high performance liquid chromatography.
  • Jackie Roberts, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Research focused on making sure all spaces and experiences on campuses, especially in STEM, are inclusive.
  • Selma Poturovic, Ph.D., University of Louisville. Research focused on advancing diversity and equity in STEM.