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Sievers, Brittany A., B.A.



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Art and Art History, Richard E. Peeler Art Center
Greencastle, IN

Art and Art History

Part-time Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

BA DePauw University, 2013

MFA Louisiana State University, 2017


Ceramics, Sculpture, Contemporary Art


Introduction to Ceramics (Arts 175A)


Utilizing my Midwestern compulsions of producing, organizing, and filling, I combine repetitive labor with minimalistic aesthetics to create sculptures and installations. My labor intensive work utilizes spatial relationships, easily sourced materials, and dedicated time to provide a platform for the audience to begin to notice, thus becoming mindful. This definition of mindfulness draws from social psychologist Ellen Langer’s notion “the simple act of actively noticing.” I dig local clay, process it, and spin my own yarn from wool for each piece. From these raw materials I produce individual modules that transform to large scale sculptures that fill space: saturate an area between walls, connect architectural elements, and occupy areas framed by doorways. These artworks transform my mindful labor into a platform that allows the viewer to actively notice: the area of the room they occupy, the slight variations within the material itself, and the influence of my individual touch.


Aeschliman Residency in Switzerland, Art-St-Urban, 2017
Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, International Sculpture Center, 2015
Art Melt, First Place, Baton Rouge, LA, 2015
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Louisiana State University, 2014-17
Farm and Fire Fellowship, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, 2014
Efroymson Arts Intern, DePauw University, 2013

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