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A broad-ranging, interdisciplinary study of China, India and Japan.

Asian Studies offers three tracks: Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and Japanese Studies.  Each track includes a major and a minor; both Japanese and Chinese also offer a language minor.  The Asian studies major is geared towards a broad-ranging knowledge of China, India, and Japan through language, history, literature, film, religion, politics, economics, and the art.  The Asian studies minor covers various aspects of Indian, Japanese and Chinese cultures.  Courses in language, literature, art history, film, history, political science and religious studies provide the building blocks for understanding these cultures, past and present.  Those who are particularly interested in Japan or China may major or minor in Chinese studies or Japanese studies.  Students may take advantage of semester- or year-long opportunities to study in Asia.  The Asian Studies Program has substantial scholarships available for all majors wishing to study in Asia.

Each of our three majors and five minors will provide students with sharpened global perspectives that enable them to observe, comprehend, and participate in a complex world that is shrinking in physical distance and expanding in intellectual possibilities.  Through Asian studies coursework, students are equipped with the sensibility, awareness, and knowledge of the world as a whole, from the vantage points of both the West and the East.  Students put their majors and minors to use in a wide range of career choices: international affairs, communications, journalism, education, and business as well as in professional and graduate schools.

Sample Courses

  • Advanced Chinese
  • Advanced Japanese
  • China on Screen
  • Traditional Japanese Literature
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Modern China and Japan
  • Religions of India 

Career Options

  • Graduate Programs
  • National and International Business
  • Bilingual Education
  • Law
  • Governmnent
  • Foreign Affairs

Build bridges between people and cultures beginning with a degree in Asian studies.

Majors and Minors