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Launching Fall 2023

Students in DePauw’s Business program explore business decision-making and problem-solving individually and in groups, drawing on a rich liberal arts foundation of data analysis, ethical inquiry, global awareness and clear thinking and communication.

Business students develop and apply these abilities in coursework, case studies, independent research and internships.

Opportunities for leadership, internships, alumni connections and mentorship are magnified through the Business Program’s connections with the McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship and the Management Fellows Program.


Business Analytics

Core Courses:

  • ECON 100: Introduction to Economics
  • BUS 110: Gateway to Business Analytics
  • A statistics course (choose one: MATH 141 or PSY 214 or ECON 350 or BIO 375)
  • BUS 210: Business Analytics II
  • A regression course (choose one: MATH 341 or ECON 385 or ECON 450)
  • BUS 310: Business Analytics III
  • BUS 480: Business Analytics Seminar




Parker Black '23

DePauw is a great school. I didn’t just choose it solely off of location. … It feels like the right choice so I just went with my gut feeling and went for it.-Parker Black '23

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