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Japanese Studies Majors & Minors

Japanese Studies

Course Catalog

Requirements for a major

Japanese Studies

Total courses required Ten
Core courses

Four Courses in Japanese language

One course covering Japanese culture: ARTH 133, ARTH 135, ARTH 234, ASIA 197, ASIA 281, ASIA 282

ASIA 480

Other required courses

A minimum of four courses from among the following (at least two of the four courses should be solely on a Japanese topic).
ARTH 232, ARTH 233, ARTH 236, ARTH 331, ARTH 332, ARTH 333, ARTH 334, ASIA 290 (when a Japanese topic), ECON 330, HIST 107, HIST 108, HIST 252, JAPN 351, JAPN 352, JAPN 451, REL 130, REL 258, REL 259, an Extended Studies course about Japan

A number of other courses may be applied toward the Japanese Studies program. See the Schedule of Classes each semester for a complete listing.

Number 300 and 400 level courses Three including ASIA 480 (where Japan is substantial in the content)
Senior requirement and capstone experience All Japanese Studies Majors must complete the Asian Studies Senior Seminar (ASIA 480), which includes a substantial essay, with a grade of "C" or above. All students are expected to give a public presentation of their work.
Additional information

A maximum of 3 courses per term (and 5 in total) may be counted toward the major from semester-long study abroad programs.

All Japanese Studies Majors are strongly encouraged to experience Japan through a semester or year-long study abroad program, an approved summer language program, an Extended Studies course in Japan, or an internship in Japan.

A maximum of 6 language courses can count toward the Japanese Studies major.

Writing in the Major Majors in Japanese Studies complete the writing in the major requirement by preparing a portfolio of their writing from courses taken in Japanese Studies. The portfolio should include the following items: 1) an analysis of a cultural product, perception or practice, 2) a thesis or research paper, 3) an essay written in Japanese, 4) an essay reflecting on the intellectual trajectory in Japanese Studies. Students complete items 1 and 2 in their normal courses, and 3 in JAPN 252 or an advanced Japanese language course. The only additional writing for the portfolio is item 4. Students should consult with their advisor or the director for details about the portfolio.

Requirements for a minor

Japanese Studies

Total courses required Five
Core courses Two Japanese language courses at any level.
Other required courses

Approved courses chosen from those listed for the major.

A minimum of three courses in which Japan is an essential part of the curriculum.

At least one of the three courses must be solely on a Japanese topic.

Number 300 and 400 level courses One