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Core courses offered SPRING 2023:

ENG 181A:  Reading Literature: Ethics and Society

PHIL 209A:  Wealth and Happiness

PHIL 233A: Ethics and Business

PHIL 234A: Bioethics


Focus Courses:

Qualifying courses depend on the focus you specify for your Ethics in Society minor.  The Steering Committee approves proposed focus courses on a case-by-case basis after you identify a focus area and the electives you wish to count toward the minor.  These courses need not be centered on ethics per se, but must include a significant portion of course content and/or assignments in which you grapple with the values and norms pertaining to the subject matter.  Sample focus areas and qualifying courses are listed below for suggestive purposes, but these are not the only options.  To discuss possibilities, contact the EIS Program Director.

Sample focus areas and qualifying courses
Art Business Communication
Art+Liberation: Social Movements in the US Since 1960
Sculpture in Public Places
Contemporary Economic Problems
Economics of the Labor Market
Intercultural Communication
Public Communication and Controversy
Education Gender & Sexuality Health, Medicine
Deconstructing Difference: Education and Society
Education and Social Change
Gender and Society
Queer Theory/Queer Lives
Topics in Global Health
Medical Sociology
International Affairs Law Media
Modern Middle East
American Foreign Policy
Philosophy of Law
Politics of Civil Rights and Liberties
Media Law
News Writing and Editing
Politics Psychology Race & Ethnicity
The Legislative Process
Contemporary Political Ideologies
Political Psychology
Social Psychology
Identity Politics
Topics in Africana Studies
Religion Science, Technology Sustainability
Muslim Political Thought
Liberation Theology
Ethics, Open Source, and the Digital Divide
Philosophy of Science
Conservation Biology
Sculpture and Sustainability