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Instructor Syllabi

GEOS 105. Earthquakes and Volcanoes 

Mills Fall 2007.pdf

GEOS 107. Geology of America's National Parks

Wilkerson Spring 2014.pdf

GEOS 110. Earth & the Environment

Cope Spring 2015.pdf

Mills Spring 2016.pdf

Pope Fall 2007.pdf

Soster Spring 2017.pdf

Wilkerson Fall 2017.pdf

GEOS 115. Physical Geography 

Pope Spring 2007.pdf

GEOS 117. Weather, Climate, and Climate Change

Mills Spring 2013.pdf

Pope Spring 2015.pdf

GEOS 125. Introduction to Environmental Science

Soster Fall 2017.pdf

UNIV 170. Environmental Science Introductory Seminar

Pope Fall 2015.pdf

GEOS 184. Extended Studies - Winter/May Term 
a. Introduction to GIS Using Google Earth 

b. Assembling California

c. Two Billion Years of Earth History 
Along the Colorado River Corridor 

Wilkerson Jan 2016.pdf

Cope/Mills Jan 2015.pdf

Soster/Mills May 2014.pdf 

GEOS 190. Energy & the Environment

Soster Spring 2016.pdf

GEOS 197L. First-Year Seminar

Cope Fall 2008.pdf

Mills Fall 2013.pdf

Pope Fall 2017.pdf

Soster Fall 2016.pdf

Wilkerson Fall 2010.pdf

GEOS 205. Introduction to GIS

Cope Fall 2013.pdf

GEOS 210. Historical Geology

Soster Fall 2017.pdf

GEOS 220. Geologic Field Experiences

Cope Spring 2012.pdf

Soster Spring 2008.pdf

Mills Spring 2014.pdf

Wilkerson Spring 2011.pdf

GEOS 230. Environmental Geology

Pope Fall 2017.pdf

GEOS 280. Mineralogy

Mills Fall 2017.pdf

GEOS 290A. Isotope Geology

Cope Spring 2015.pdf

GEOS 300. Writing in the Geosciences

 Pope Spring 2016.pdf

GEOS 310. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Cope Spring 2016.pdf

Soster Spring 2007.pdf

GEOS 315. Map Interpretation

Wilkerson Fall 2016.pdf

GEOS 320. Petrology

Mills Spring 2016.pdf

GEOS 330. Geochemistry

Pope Spring 2013.pdf

GEOS 350. Structural Geology and Tectonics 

Wilkerson Spring 2017.pdf

GEOS 370. Applied Hydrogeology 

Pope Spring 2016.pdf

GEOS 380. Environmental Geophysics

Wilkerson Fall 2017.pdf

UNIV 390. TPS: Environmental Science Senior Seminar

Pope Fall 2004.pdf

GEOS 395. Topics in Geography 


GEOS 450. Senior Seminar

Cope Fall 2013.pdf

Mills Fall 2017.pdf

Pope Fall 2004.pdf

Soster Fall 2007.pdf 

GEOS 470. Readings in Geology


GEOS 480. Problems in Geology


GEOS 490. Research Thesis