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Current Seminar Topics

Professor Rowley's Seminar Class:

Hannah Hearon "'Lady Sharpshooters' and Wild West Shows"
Megan Ozog "The Enemy Within: A Comparison of WWI and Post-9/11 America" 
Sidney Holler "Playing Like a Girl: The Evolution of the Female Athlete from the All-American Girls to Billie Jean King"
Sarah Beischer "Rocking the Understanding of Popular Music: The Vietnam War and Differing Interpretations of Protest Songs"
 Shelby Armstrong "Skirting Sanity: A Paradigm Shift in Hysteria as Demonstrated by the Case of Rachel"
 Sam Alder  "The Fight for the Homestead: Hoosier Farmers during the Early 20th Century" 

Professor Whitehead's Seminar Class:

Nicole Pasho “The Forest in Romantic German Identity and Imagination”
Rico Wang “Peek Through the Lens of Images: Changing European Impressions of China in the Late 18th Century”
Harry Heitmeyer “Temperance to Prohibition: An Unrecognized Success?”
John Ward   “Shoot First, Think Later: An Analysis of Armed Self-Defense, Stand Your Ground Laws, and Private Paranoia in Public Space”
Larisa Luloff “The North, the South…and Britain?: Understanding Ironclads, the Union Blockade, and the Struggle to Keep Europe Out of the American Civil War”