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Current Seminar Topics

Professor Dewey's Seminar Class:

Kiersten Eames  “We Thought We Were the ‘New Women’ ”: Government Influence and Coercion in Women’s Magazines in WWII America 
Jackson Evans   From Horse power To Horsepower:  The Late 19th Century UrbanManure Crisis 
Allison Hills  “By May, the Devil had taken Andover”: Family and Religion inAndover, Massachusetts During the Salem Witch Trials 
Kereem Vidal  Waging War Against Slavery on Two Fronts: The American and British Abolitionist Movements, 1831-1835 
Christine Walsh  "They were not monsters, they had our faces": How the Nazis turned Ordinary Men
into Mass Murderers 
Sarah Wilson  Smoking the Competition: Corporate Sponsorship, Marlboro/Penske, and the IRL/CART Dispute of 1996-2007 

Professor Fancy's Seminar Class:

Norbert Austria  "The forgotten stories of DePauw University and Wabash College: 1960's student activism, civil rights and Vietnam peace protest" 
Jesse Crosby  "The Education of Women During the Enlightenment: How Education Set Forth Feminism" 
Alida Roorda "Riding Into The 20th Century: A Look At The Role Of Cycling In Changing Understandings Of Women’s Health" 
Alice Ryan   "Creation Myth Explored: The Founders Agenda Behind the Beginning of Yellowstone National Park and the Silenced Indigenousness" 
Travis Wegren   "¿El Gran Compa Ernesto Hemingway? [Ernest Hemingway, the Great Revolutionary Companion?] 
 Jackson Whiting  “History and Evolution: The United Kingdom Independence Party" 

Senior Thesis:

"The Cross in Nature and Nature in the Cross"