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The kinesiology major provides a breadth and depth of knowledge of human movement in the context of a strong liberal arts education.

Experiment being conducted with student on a treadmill

Kinesiology addresses how the human body functions from a physiological, biochemical, mechanical and psychological view, using exercise and physical activity as the model for study. Students gain hands-on experience through multiple laboratory experiences. Each student completes a research project as a culminating experience for his or her degree that exposes the student to all aspects of the research process. 

Kinesiology majors graduate to become researchers at universities, government agencies and private organizations (such as Nike and the Gatorade Institute); strength coaches; exercise technologists in health- care settings; leaders of corporate wellness programs; personal trainers; fitness instructors; corporate sports leaders; and sports marketing/event planners. Graduates also seek professional degrees in physical therapy, nursing and medicine.

Sample Courses:

Biomechanics; Bioenergetics of Human Movement; Administration and Risk Management; Environmental Physiology; Philosophy, History and Sociology of Human Movement