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MATH 341

Statistical Model Analysis

This course is designed to provide students with a solid overview of basic and advanced topics in regression analysis. This course mainly covers the simple and multiple linear regression models--method of least squares, model and assumptions; testing hypotheses; estimation of parameters and associated standard errors; correlations between parameter estimates; standard error of predicted response values; inverse prediction; regression through the origin; matrix approach; extra sum of squares principle as used in model building; partial F-tests and sequential F-tests. More advanced topics in regression analysis, such as selecting the 'best' regression equation, classical approaches: all possible regressions; backward elimination; forward selection; stepwise regression; indicator (dummy) variables in regression also introduces in this course. Additionally, nonlinear (binary) logistic regression model with qualitative independent variables discusses in this course. A statistical computing package, such as R, is used throughout the course. Prerequisite: MATH 141 or ECON 350 or PSY 214 or BIO 275

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics MATH 141 or ECON 350 or PSY 214 or BIO 275 1 course

Fall Semester information

Naima Shifa

341A: StatisticalModelAnalysis