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PHYS 103

Moons and Planets

Includes laboratory. An introductory course concentrating on the solar system. Topics to be covered include: observational astronomy; the history and development of astronomy; Kepler's laws of planetary motion; Newton's laws of motion and gravity; the Earth-moon system; the structure and composition of the planets with an emphasis on comparative planetology; asteroids, comets, the formation of the solar system, the sun and the exploration of space. Emphasis is placed on investigating the methods by which astronomers gain knowledge about the solar system. Evening laboratory periods will emphasize observation and will help students develop quantitative skills in interpreting data. PHYS 103 and PHYS 104 may be taken in either order. Prerequisite: high school algebra and trigonometry.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics High school algebra and trigonometry 1 course

Spring Semester information

Mary Kertzman

103A: Moons and Planets