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PSY 100

Introductory Psychology

This course is a thorough survey of the major areas and approaches in psychology. As a discipline, psychology examines how humans and other organisms develop, function and adapt, including such topics as: how the brain and nervous system function; how we sense and perceive information from our environment; how we learn, remember, think about and interact with the world and each other; how we change during development from birth to old age; why we are motivated to act as we do; the factors that make each of us distinct individuals; what causes psychological disorders; and how those disorders are treated. The course places particular emphasis on scientific methodologies within the discipline. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the psychology department.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Science and Mathematics None 1 course

Fall Semester information

Ted Bitner

100A: Introductory Psychology

Matt Hertenstein

100B: Introductory Psychology

Matt Hertenstein

100C: Introductory Psychology

Scott Ross

100D: Introductory Psychology

Christina Wagner

100E: Introductory Psychology