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SOC 201

Sociological Perspectives

An exploration of a timely topic in sociology, sometimes interdisciplinary in nature, that is not offered in the formal sociology curriculum. Topics may include: Sociology of Education, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Immigration, and other topics. The course may be repeated with different topics. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or sophomore standing.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
SOC 100 or sophomore standing 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

David Feldman

201A: Persp:Sociology of Migration

This course explores transnational migration from a critical sociological perspective. We will closely examine the racialization and exploitation of migrant and immigrant workers, efforts to control the movement of noncitizens within and across national borders, the use of gendered assumptions to criminalize and surveil migrants, and the ongoing erosion of the right to claim asylum. All of our discussions will emphasize the interplay between social structure and individual agency. While the course adopts a thoroughly global and historical approach, we will pay particularly close attention to migration to the United States in recent years.