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Dana Dudle

Associate Professor of Biology

Dana Dudle, Professor of Biology and former Coordinator of DePauw's Women In Science program, teaches courses in plant biology,  evolutionary biology, ecology, and conservation biology.  She studies  the evolutionary ecology of traits associated with sex,gender, and  stress in flowering plants.  She has also collaborated with Meryl Altman  in an investigation of how metaphors such as "sex" and "gender" are  used across diverse fields such as plant biology and feminist theory.

Click here to read her recent publication:
Davis, S.L., D.A. Dudle, D.A., J.R. Nawrocki, J.R., L.M. Freestone, P. Konieczny, M.B. Tobin, M.M. Britton.  2014.  Sexual dimorphism of staminate- and pistillate-phase flowers of Saponaria officinalis (Bouncing Bet) Affects Pollinator Behavior and Seed Set. PLoS One 9 (4) :e93615. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093615 
Saponaria officinalis