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Danielle Kane

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Danielle Kane received her Ph.D in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at DePauw. Her dissertation focused on gender and social network differences in the transition to college among domestic and international students. Her more recent work focuses on Asia. In one line of research she explores whether migrant work has an impact on Chinese women’s status in the family; this project is evolving into a broader interest in the transition to adulthood in China. In another, she explores the impact of the Soviet legacy on gender equality in Central Asia. This line of work is evolving into a broader inquiry into gender and state formation outside of the West.

At DePauw she teaches course on gender and society, sociological theory, introductory sociology, and global sociology. She also leads a sociology senior seminar in which students conduct their own research. Gender is a major component of most of her classes.