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Linda Elman

Linda Elman has taught Spanish language, literature and culture in a long career spanning high school and university courses. With a BA from Indiana University, a Master’s and Ph.D. from The University of Chicago, Elman is currently an Associate Professor in the Modern Languages Department at DePauw University. Seventeenth-century Spanish Drama and twentieth-century Latin American prose fiction are Elman’s primary areas of expertise; however, she enjoys teaching all levels of language instruction as well.  Special courses taught include seminars about Federico García Lorca, Medieval Spain, Don Quixote, Cuba, and Construction of Gender in Golden Age Peninsular Literature. Recent scholarship in Madrid has focused on the contemporary female filmmaker and scriptwriter, Icíar Bollaín, and novelist Almudena Grandes.

Elman was awarded the Barbara Smith Fellowship from DePauw for a manuscript based on Old Testament women who are protagonists in classical Spanish dramas. In addition to her Spanish classes, Elman serves as the Modern Languages liaison to the Education Studies Department. She has been a faculty leader on Winter Term service trips as well as the DePauw in Ecuador summer program. Specific passions include women’s writing, American women’s history, creative writing, needlework, her two granddaughters, Claire and Tessa, and a third grandchild in production.