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Margarita Villa

Women's Studies Major


My name is Margarita Villa, raised in both Las Vegas, NV and Tijuana B.C., Mexico. I came to DePauw to discover something new and fell in love with Women's Studies and Philosophy making my main passion social justice activism and celebrating women's experiences. I have particularly been interested in studying gender relations as they intersect with education throughout my winter terms in Morocco, Ghana, and soon Senegal. Additionally, I had a phenomenal internship opportunity this past summer in New York City and Newark, NJ at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project being a dean and co-facilitator of a Leadership Seminar course. This internship and interest in education and identity largely influenced my Women Studies senior project. I will be beginning a summer program, non-profit organization that crafts a space for high school underprivileged girls to share their experiences as they relate to power, identity, and privilege fueled by girl studies, arts, and more.