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Faculty & Staff

Seventy teaching faculty from fifteen departments across the university, plus allies in the libraries and Student Life. Click names to learn more.


Goins, Leigh-Anne

Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Holmes, Christina

Assistant Professor of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Steering Committee 2022-2023
  • Leigh-Anne Goins (Director)
  • Christy Holmes 
  • Farah Ali (Hispanic Studies)
  • M. Soledad Forcadell (Hispanic Studies)
  • CJ Gomolka (Global French Studies)
  • Victoria Wiet (English)
Affiliated Faculty 
Adams, Jennifer Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre
Alexander, Rebecca  Associate Professor of Education Studies
Altman, Meryl Professor of Women's Studies and English
Anthony, M. Susan Mary Alice Braden Professor of Communication and Theatre 
Aures, Inge Professor of Modern Languages (German) 
Bordt, Rebecca Otto L.Sonder Jr. Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Brown, Eliza Assistant Professor of Music
Bruggeman, Julia Professor of History
Castañeda, Angela  Edward Myers Dolan Professor of Anthropology,  Professor of Anthropology, and Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department
Chiang, Yung-chen Professor of History
Dixon-Fyle, Joyce Coordinator of Collection Development with rank of Professor
Dudle, Dana Professor of Biology
Everett, Jennifer Associate Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of Environmental Fellows Program
Fancy, Nahyan Professor of History
Finney, Melanie Professor of Communications and Theatre
Forcadell, Maria    Soledad    Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish)
Geis, Debby Professor of English
Glessner, Justin
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Goldberg, Rachel Assistant Professor of Conflict Studies
Goma, Ophelia Professor of Economics and Management
Gomolka, CJ  Assistant Professor of French
Gourley, Bridget Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Dean of Faculty
Hahn, Susan Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center
Hall, Kelley Associate Dean of Student Academic Success and Advising
Harbert, Elissa 
Assistant Professor of Music
Jennewein, Gigi Part-time Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre
Kenney, Jeffrey Professor of Religious Studies and Faculty Development Coordinator
Kertzman, Mary Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Klaus, Carrie Professor of Modern Languages (French)
Lewis, Cheira Associate Professor of Modern Languages (French) 
Liu, Jinyu Associate Professor and Chair of Classical Studies
Mou, Sherry Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Chinese) and Asian Studies 
Newman, David  Professor of Sociology
O'Dell, Cynthia

Professor of Art and Art History
Ota, Pauline Assistant Professor of Art and Art History
Pollack-Milgate, Howard Professor of Modern Languages (German)
Pope, Jeanette

Professor of Geosciences and
Faculty Sustainability Coordinator
Prakash, Deepa Associate Professor of Political Science
Reading, Amity
Raymond W. Pence Professor of English, Chair of the English Department, and Director of the German Studies Program
Rowley, Sarah
Assistant Professor of History
Ryan, Sarah Women's Center Director
Schindler, Rebecca Professor of Classical Studies
Shannon, Daniel Professor of Philosophy
Stockton, Jamie Associate Professor and Chair of Education Studies
Suarez, Alicia Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Sununu, Andrea Professor of English
Townsend, Gloria Professor of Computer Science 
Upton, Rebecca Professor of Anthropology and co-Director of the Global Health program
White, Chris  Professor of English and Director of the Film Studies Program
Whitehead, Barbara Professor of History
Wimbley, Karin Associate Professor of English