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Yung-chen Chiang

Professor of History

Yung-chen Chiang is professor of history. Born and raised in Taiwan, he came to DePauw in 1988. He teaches courses on Chinese and Japanese history. His interest in gender issues in modern China led him to develop a course on "Women and the Family in Modern China," which he has offered regularly since 1991.

His major publications include: Social Engineering and the Social Sciences in China, 1919-1949 (Cambridge University Press, 2001); The Stars, the Moons, and the Sun: the Women in Hu Shi’s Life (in Chinese) (Taipei: Linking Publishing Company, 2007); Educating Hu Shi (in Chinese) (Taipei: Linking Publishing Company, 2011; Beijing: New Star Press, 2011); Performing Masculinity and the Self: Love, Body, and Privacy in Hu Shi The Journal of Asian Studies, 63.2 (May, 2004), pp. 305-332; and Womanhood, Motherhood and Biology: The Early Phases of The Ladies’ Journal, 1915-1925 Gender & History, 18.3 (November, 2006), pp. 519-545.