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Entrepreneurship Pathway

So you have a great business idea, but you haven’t a clue how to act on it. Or maybe you’re eager to solve problems for people. Or society.


If you’re passionate about bringing ideas to life, DePauw’s Entrepreneurship Pathway is for you.


Problem-solving lies at the heart of entrepreneurship, and DePauw’s liberal arts curriculum teaches you problem-solving skills as you explore a range of courses on topics that interest you.

Entrepreneurs must think critically as they look at problems from many perspectives, identify salient issues and create a solution that appeals to consumers. When you’re on DePauw’s Entrepreneurship Pathway, you’ll develop critical-thinking skills. 

And entrepreneurs must recruit investors who believe in their mission; motivate key employees to pursue their goals; and persuade customers to use their service or product.  That means entrepreneurs must be effective at oral, written and visual communication – and the  Entrepreneurship Pathway will prepare you to be a highly skilled communicator of vision and perspective.


  1. ECON 100 - Introduction to Economics

    Explores basic concepts and processes in microeconomics and macroeconomics, including income, demand, supply, cost, price, money and finance.

  2. ECON 220 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

    Examination of economic events in a business, including an understanding of financial statements and how financial statement analysis is used for business decisions.

  3. CSC 121 - Computer Science One

    Uses problem-solving and algorithm development as lenses for considering computer science topics to solve problems.

  4. PSYCH 100 - Introductory Psychology

    Examines how humans and other organisms develop, function and adapt.

  5. PSYCH 254 - Consumer Psychology

    Explores the concepts, findings, theory and methods of research in consumer behavior.

  6. PHIL 233 - Ethics and Business

    Exams the ethical questions relating to business activity.

  7. COMM 123 - Public Speaking

    Exams the attitudes, methods, and techniques used in effective public speaking.

  8. COMM 326 - Communication in Organizations

    An examination of the role of communication in coordinating, integrating and regulating human activity in organizations.

  9. UNIV 184K - Leadership in Business/Bringing Out the Best in People

    Learn how to evaluate business opportunities, develop new business models, and establish new management practices to lead teams and organizations.

  10. UNIV 184A - Creative Thinking and Innovation

    Explores the development of creative-thinking skills and techniques to enhance one’s creativity.

  11. UNIV 184N - An Applied Introduction to Exploratory Visualization

    Learn how to interpret and create visualizations that are appropriate in business situations and to think critically about data sets, infographics and dashboards.

  12. UNIV 184C - Marketing for Business and Nonprofits

    Explores brand strategy, marketing, public relations and digital marketing concepts in a business or nonprofit organization.

Cocurricular opportunities

Students on the Entrepreneurship Pathway may explore many cocurricular opportunities.

The Robert C. McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of activities. You can hear from and talk with business leaders who come to campus for industry panels on entrepreneurship, innovation and other areas of business. You’ll be encouraged to be involved and become a leader in any of an array of organizations that address your interests, including investments, consulting, marketing and banking. You can participate in the Startup Bootcamp, a four-week workshop; find support in Women in Economics and Business; pitch a business idea in the annual DePauw Entrepreneurship Group competition; or take the next step to developing your business ideas by joining DePauw Innovations, which provides comprehensive support to student entrepreneurs.

Other opportunities

You may explore the Prindle Institute for Ethics, where you’ll learn about ethical business behavior and decision-making, or the Tenzer Technology Center, where you’ll find technological resources and learn about the role of technology in innovation and entrepreneurship.

You also can connect with entrepreneurs at our space in downtown Indianapolis or participate in Darnall Industry Tours to meet with business leaders at corporate headquarters in Midwestern  cities.

Who are alumni engaged in careers related to Entrepreneurship?

  • Angie Hicks ’95, co-founder, Angie's List
  • David Becker ’75, founder, First Internet Bank
  • Justin Christian ’95, founder, BCforward
  • Bill Rasmussen ’54, founder, ESPN
  • Kristie Carter ’09, founder, Aadvanced Limousines


  • The McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship
  • The Prindle Institute for Ethics
  • The Tenzer Technology Center
  • DePauw Engaged Entrepreneur Group
  • DePauw Innovations
  • Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media
  • Hubbard Center for Student Engagement
  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Economics and Communications departments


  • Steve Fouty,
    McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Sandy Smith,
    manager of programming and outreach,
    McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship

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