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GOLD Council

The GOLD Council is a group of alumni volunteers that represent young alumni and lead the volunteer efforts of the Graduates of the Last Decade Program.

The GOLD Council aims to enhance the DePauw community through the promotion of alumni engagement and annual giving participation among graduates of the last decade.  Council members act as regional alumni leaders and coordinate GOLD alumni events and volunteer efforts.  These efforts primarily involve Annual Giving, Career Services, the Senior Gift Drive, Admissions, and the 5th and 10th Reunion Celebrations.

The GOLD Council serves as a vehicle for all young alumni to communicate their ideas, questions, and concerns to the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the University.  Members convene on campus for semi-annual meetings during Old Gold Weekend in the fall and Alumni Reunion Weekend in the summer.

If you are interested in joining the GOLD Council or know someone you would like to nominate to join the GOLD Council, contact Nigel Bruce at

The current members of the GOLD Council are:

Class YearNameCity
2009 Siobhan Lau Hunter
Chicago, IL
2016 Kevin Bugielski Oak Park, IL
2014 Jack Burgeson Minneapolis, MN
2013 Stewart Burns Indianapolis, IN
2013 Nicole Burts Indianapolis, IN
2012 Katherine E. Butler Chicago, IL
2014 Kortney Cartwright Indianapolis, IN
2009 Caitlin Cavanaugh Indianapolis, IN
2012 Ellen Clayton Memphis, TN
2012 Margaret C. Erzinger Lake Bluff, IL
2010 Adam M. Gilbert Chicago, IL
2012 Kreigh A. Kamman Granger, IN
2014 Erika Krukowski Indianapolis, IN
2015 Margaret MacPhail Indianapolis, IN
2013 Austin Miller Kenilworth, IL
2011 Kyle B. Moore Indianapolis, IN
2010 Laura A. Pearce Chicago, IL
2015 James Perry Chicago, IL
2011 Andrew Smith Brooklyn, NY
2017 Ellen Tinder Muncie, IN