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Grow together within a distinctive residential community

First-Year Residence Communities 

We offer multiple residence halls for first-year students, with each providing its own unique advantages. First-year Resident Assistants help plan social and community development programs to ease students into college life and encourage increasing independence. The halls’ strategic layouts and common areas serve as gathering spaces that facilitate new friendships and shared experiences.  

There are several first-year residence halls on campus: 

Vernon Jordan Hall: A new 152-person hall located in South Quad, featuring primarily double rooms on four floors. Includes a community-living space, a lounge, a kitchen and study spaces on each floor, as well as outdoor seating to a new campus green space. 

Bishop Roberts Hall: A 140-person hall located in South Quad, featuring primarily double rooms on four floors, a TV lounge, game room, shared kitchen and study lounge. 

Humbert Hall: A 130-student hall located in South Quad, featuring a first-floor common area with multiple lounges, a kitchen, game room and two study rooms. 

Longden Hall: A 100-student hall overlooking the Dells park, featuring double and triple rooms. 

Sophomore Communities 

As you deepen your involvement on campus and grow more independent, your housing options at DePauw change accordingly. Sophomores who participate in Greek life have the option–based on their individual organization–to live in their chapter house. All other sophomores can apply to live with or near their friends, and are eligible for a room in an upperclass residence hall. Learn more about sophomore communities here

Upperclass Communities for Juniors and Seniors 

Upperclass students choose between a variety of housing styles that allow for the integration of their academic and student life experiences. Each style is designed to prepare students to enter our increasingly complex and diverse world as engaged and productive citizens. Housing options include:  

Upperclass Residence Halls: Senior Hall provides the convenience of a central campus location and a close residential community, featuring single and double rooms and spacious common areas. 

Rector Village: Seven small, suite-style residence halls for four to eight upperclass students each, complete with full kitchens and living rooms, as well as a common space for all Rector Village residents.  

Apartments, Houses & Duplexes: Autonomous living units in the North, East and West neighborhoods off-campus. Units range in size from two to ten people and are inclusive of bedroom and living room furnishings.   

Healthy Living Communities 

Many DePauw students are interested in joining a Healthy Living Community within our residence halls. Students in these communities commit to a lifestyle that refrains from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. They benefit from self-governed living spaces, supportive programs and social events that empower high standards, intellectual engagement and supportive peer connections.  

Rainbow Floor 

We support students of all gender and sexual orientations in every aspect of their academic and residential journeys at DePauw. We offer an intentional community residence that allow lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students, and their advocates, to find connections and live in a respectful space. Restrooms are gender inclusive. All residents and their guests will be expected to be respectful and sensitive to all identities within the LGBTQA community.  

Greek Living 

For many upperclass students at DePauw, the Greek living experience is a defining presence in their college life. While not all chapters choose to live together in a Greek living facility, those who do tend to find significant value in having a home base to build strong friendships, practice their leadership and allow for diverse interactions between students.