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DePauw University COVID-19 Dashboard

Test results reflect DePauw University administered diagnostic tests and others reported to us. 

Last Updated May 20, 2022

This dashboard will be updated Monday through Friday by 8:30 am.  

Campus Status* YELLOW


State and County COVID-19 Data


On Campus Test Results by Week

WeekPositive StudentsPositive EmployeesTotal Positives
Current Week 0 0 0
Week of  May 9 5 4 9
Week of May 2 8 4 12
Previous Weeks (since Dec. 27) 193 40 233



Definitions and Details

Week: Begins on Monday and ends on Sunday

On campus: Includes students in residence on campus, as well as employees who have been on campus within 4 weeks prior to the positive diagnosis. None of the above results include remote students. 

*Campus Status Descriptions

The DePauw Mitigation Team will monitor Putnam County levels of COVID-19 prevalence as well as Campus Status of COVID-19 spread. Depending upon these factors, the Mitigation Team makes on-campus recommendations and will either increase or decrease mitigation strategies appropriately. The Mitigation Team will use the following framework as a guide when determining potential mitigation strategies. Specific measures selected, including if a variant requires additional measures not listed below, will be communicated to the community.