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Definitions and Explanation of Terms Used in Vacation & Sick Time Schedules

Years of Service refers to years of continuous full-time employment.
Normal Pay Period Hours are those hours regularly scheduled for the position.
Pay Period Accrual Factor is determined by years of continuous full-time employment and normal pay period hours. The actual amount of vacation accrued is calculated at the end of each pay period. If the pay period hours reported are less than the normal pay period hours as indicated in the vacation schedule, accruals will be prorated based upon actual hours reported. If no paid time is reported for a pay period, no vacation will be accrued for that period. Employees will have an adjustment to their pay period accrual factor during the pay period in which their third (3rd) and fourteenth (14th) anniversary dates of employment occur. The anniversary date is determined by the date of hire that reflects full-time, benefit status employment.
Annual Entitlement applies to individuals employed in 12-month positions. Annual entitlement will be prorated for those employees whose work schedule is less than 12 months (i.e., 11 months, 10 months, 9 ½ months). The approximate prorated annual entitlement is calculated by multiplying the normal pay period accrual factor by the number of pays per fiscal year. An individual employed in a 9 ½ month position is scheduled to receive 20.5 pays per fiscal year. An individual employed in a 10-month position is scheduled to receive 21.5 pays per year.
The actual number of pays per fiscal year may vary for employees in their first year of employment and for employees who have a change in employment status during the fiscal year.
Annual entitlement will also be affected when an employee reports less than the normal pay period hours indicated above or does not report any paid time during a pay period.
An example of prorated accruals follows: An employee with less than 2 years of full-time service holds a 10 month position with 75 normal pay period hours (calculated as 43 weeks or 21.5 pays per fiscal year). This employee accrues 2.88 hours of vacation per pay period times 21.5 pays which equals 61.92 hours of vacation.
The Maximum Accrual for vacation is approximately one and one-half times the normal annual entitlement. The maximum accrual for sick time is 120 days times normal hours per day. The maximum accrual for vacation or sick time is not prorated for positions with less than a 12-month schedule.