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DePauw Identification (I.D.) Cards

DePauw identification (I.D.) cards are issued to all regular, part-time and full-time employees and their dependents (as defined by DePauw’s DEFINITION OF DEPENDENT and/or the Internal Revenue Code). Only dependents, age 16 and over, will be issued separate I.D. cards. I.D. cards are required to gain access to some buildings on campus and are used to access various employee benefits including but not limited to: use of Lilly Center athletic facilities, admission to home athletic events, use of DePauw libraries, and receipt of discounts at the University bookstore. I.D. cards can only be issued after employees have completed withholding forms and fulfilled the requirements of Form I-9. Employees should allow up to three (3) business days for processing of paperwork before reporting to the Campus I.D. Office to receive the I.D. card(s). The Campus I.D. Office is located in the Julian Science and Math building, room 163.  This office may be reached at extension 4253.