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Other Time Off

Because DePauw University employees are members of the civic community, they must from time-to-time exercise certain responsibilities to that community. In recognition of these obligations, the University will grant time off for the following:

Jury Duty: When employees are selected for jury duty, they will continue to receive full pay from the University based upon their normal work schedule and normal hours per day up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive days. If employees are required to be absent from their job for a period longer than five consecutive days, pay from the University will be reduced by the amount received for jury duty up to twenty (20) additional workdays. Employees should present proof of jury attendance to their supervisor.

Voting: Because of the period of time the polls are open, most employees will be able to fulfill this obligation outside of their normal work schedule. However, if employees are unable to reach a polling place before or after their normal work hours, every effort will be made to allow employees the time necessary to vote and such time off will be given with pay when employees properly request time off through their supervisor. Voting pay will not exceed two (2) hours.

Military Leave: Military leaves of absence and re-employment rights of employees who serve in the armed forces of the United States will be determined on the basis of applicable Federal Laws. The University cannot require employees to use vacation time to cover their absence but employees may choose to use vacation time if they wish.

Civic Duty: Employees will be paid for time spent during working hours in fighting fires, answering public alarms, and in non-scheduled driving of an ambulance providing they are a member of such organization serving the community. Employees should present proof of membership in the organization to their supervisor. Time off for this purpose is limited to the equivalent of two (2) normal workdays per year.