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Personal Day

Full-time, benefit status hourly employees are entitled to one personal day per calendar year.

  1. Employees will receive a personal day equal to their normal hours per day.
  2. Employees must obtain approval from their supervisor to use their personal day before it is taken.
  3. Employees may only use their personal day at a time when they are normally scheduled to work.
  4. Employees may use the personal day in quarter-hour increments.
  5. The personal day may not be accrued. Any balance remaining as of December 31 will be forfeited. During the pay period in which January 1 occurs, the personal day balance will be set to an amount equal to the normal hours per day as indicated in each employee's personnel/payroll record.
  6. The use of the personal day does not affect eligibility for attendance awards issued through the Sick Leave Incentive Award Program or the Savings Bond Award Program.
  7. Upon retirement or separation of employment, no payment will be issued for any remaining personal day balance.