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Emergency Safety Procedures

DePauw University and our DePauw Police Department staff are committed to ensuring a safe campus environment. Although our safety initiatives and risk management measures help to keep our campus safe, unforeseen emergencies can and will occur. Emergency preparedness is the individual responsibility of all. Understanding how to prepare and respond during times of crisis will assist everyone in making clear and well informed safety decisions. It is very important to be proactive and have a personal plan for all emergencies such as fire, emergency evacuation, tornado/severe weather and other critical situations. Please ensure your personal plan is based upon the emergency action plans for the University and your residential living unit. Please review the following emergency procedures located on DePauw Police Department’s web site.

An emergency warning siren is located atop the Julian Science and Math Center. This siren is operated by the Putnam County 911 Center in the event of imminent severe weather. As with all warning signals, if you hear a warning signal outside (tornado siren), immediately proceed inside for shelter. If a warning signal is activated inside (fire alarm), please immediately evacuate the building via the closest exit to a place of safety. Another means of emergency notification from the 911 Center is through (SMS) text messaging. Student local numbers are collected through their verification form on e-services, the majority of which are cell phones. This measure allows one more level of emergency notification helping ensure comprehensive emergency alerts to our campus community.

Our DePauw Police Department and Emergency Management staff welcome the opportunity to help you better understand emergency procedures and develop individual or student organization Emergency Action Plans.