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Sick Time

Full-time, benefit status hourly employees accrue sick time according to the following schedule:

Annual Hours (Based on 26 Pays Per Year) Hourly Accrual Factor Approximate Annual Entitlement (Based on 26 Pays Per Year) Maximum Accrual
1920 0.046875/hour 90.00 hours 900.00 hours
2080 0.046154/hour 96.00 hours 960.00 hours

Full-time, benefit status salaried employees do not accrue sick leave but they are covered under the Salary Continuation policy.

Sick time benefits are subject to the following:

  1. Employees must follow the normal procedures for reporting absences as established by their department.
  2. Employees may use sick time as it is earned.
  3. Employees are not required to complete their 90-day probationary period before sick time may be taken.
  4. Employees may only use sick time at a time when they are normally scheduled to work.
  5. Employees may use sick time in quarter-hour increments.
  6. Employees may use sick time when they are ill or need time off for doctor visits. In addition, non-exempt employees may use accrued sick time to care for an ill child, spouse, or parent.  Exempt employees may use up to 10 days of sick time per calendar year to care for an ill child, spouse, or parent.  Absence of more than five (5) consecutive days will require the submission of an FMLA Physician’s Certification (see FMLA policy).
  7. Employees who reach their maximum sick time accrual become eligible for the Sick Leave Incentive Program. When the maximum sick time accrual is reached and maintained for the following 12-month period, an incentive award equivalent to up to 3 days pay will be processed.
  8. At separation of employment (retirement or termination), no payment will be issued for sick time accrued but not taken.