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Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy

Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy

(Endorsed by the faculty, May 2001; established as University policy, June 2001; updated by President's Cabinet, July 18, 2005; updated by President's Cabinet, Aug. 8, 2008)

Faculty and staff employees of the University are advised to take note of the significant difficulties that occur at DePauw and on other college campuses from a culture of excessive consumption of alcohol and the use of controlled substances. Employees are urged to be responsible in the consumption and service of alcohol and to exercise good judgment with regard to the provision of alcohol to students who are 21 or older or socializing with alcohol with students who are 21 or older. Employees are urged to be cognizant of the laws and legal liabilities that affect them with regard to serving, consuming or using alcohol or other controlled substances. University support for employees in their official roles on behalf of the University will be difficult to sustain in the face of violations of University policy. All employees of the University in their conduct of University business and in their participation in University activities must comply with the laws of the locality in which they pursue those activities.

Alcohol and class activities:Alcohol is not permitted at mandatory class activities.

Travel expenses (restatement of current travel policy):University expense reimbursements to employees may cover alcohol consumed in moderation with meals, but University expense reimbursements will not normally cover alcohol consumed between meals (exceptions require vice presidential approval).

University funding:University funds may not be used for the purchase of alcohol for students. This includes University-sponsored travel in states or other countries where students may legally consume alcohol.

Alcohol service on campus:Alcohol may not be served at events on campus (except at The Inn at DePauw) regardless of who is in attendance.

Drinking socially with students:Employees are advised that they share a responsibility to see that students they entertain in their homes or in other places, as well as students with whom they socialize, consume alcohol legally and responsibly.

Traveling with Students:Faculty and staff traveling with students away from campus on university-sponsored activities should develop an alcohol policy in consultation with the students. All participants must agree to abide by the policy. This policy must comply with local laws and customs, make provisions for the group's academic or professional goals, and underscore responsible behavior and the exercise of good judgment with regard to the consumption of alcohol.

Illegal use of controlled substances:No employee may use or distribute controlled substances in an illegal manner on University property or at University-sponsored events, or at any event at which University students are present.

Sanctions:Sanctions against an employee for violation of the University Policy on Alcohol and Controlled Substances will be determined by the supervising Vice President and may include warning, suspension, or termination.

Exceptions: Exceptions to the University Policy on Alcohol and Controlled Substances for special circumstances may be granted by the President on recommendation of the supervising Vice President(s).