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Summer Fridays


The University recognizes that the summer months are a time that faculty, staff and students can leverage to support a healthy work/life balance. Closing University Offices early on Fridays in the summer months allows employees to accomplish their work activities and project goals while also providing an opportunity for more time for the people and activities they enjoy.


University offices will officially close at noon each Friday in the summer, usually beginning the Friday after commencement through the last Friday of July, as communicated in the posted annual holiday schedule.


Staff employees in a full-time, benefit-eligible position, and whose normal full-time work schedule extends through the summer months may participate in this Paid Time Off program during their normal work schedule.  Part-time employees are not eligible for the PTO program, but are not expected to work when the University is closed.  Part-time employees should work with their supervisors regarding their work week schedules.

To be eligible to be paid for the Summer Friday PTO, employees cannot have an unexcused absence the last scheduled day before this day, or the following scheduled work day.


Compensation for the ½ day Summer Fridays will be based on an employee’s regularly scheduled hours per day (i.e.: 3.5 hours for normal 7.0 hours per day, 4 hours for normal 8.0 hours per day).  Employees should not schedule lunch breaks before the end of the half day. 

Hourly paid employees should use the pay code SMRF to report these hours. SMRF time will count towards hours worked for purposes of overtime calculation, and will continue to count towards hourly vacation and sick accrual.  SMRF time cannot be carried over from week-to-week, unless pre-approved by Human Resources as an alternative.  

Vacation and Sick Time

Employees may, with supervisor approval, use a ½ day vacation, if available, in addition to the ½ day SMRF in order to have the whole day off.

Employees who are out sick during a Summer Friday will record the entire day as sick time as normal, and SMRF will not apply.

 Operational Needs

As with all University closure periods, we recognize that several departments will have activities, service requirements, or varying shift schedules in the summer and therefore, will need to continue to have their offices fully operational and staffed during these times. In these cases, the Office of Human Resources will work closely with the departmental supervisors to determine possible alternative weekly SMRF options.