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Inclement Weather

It is the policy of the University to remain open and continue operations during periods of severe weather. However, the University recognizes that because of hazardous conditions, employees may find it difficult to report to work. Therefore, the University has established a policy that compensates those employees who are able to report to work during severe weather without penalizing those employees who determine the weather conditions to be unsafe for travel and are unable to report to work.

Definition of Snow Emergency for Putnam County

To clarify questions on the definition of “snow emergency”, the following information was provided in a memo from the Putnam County Emergency Management Agency (EMA): “In the event of a declared snow emergency, we would prefer you stay off the roads as much as possible, however, we also understand that the business/industries need to meet their needs. If you do travel, we would suggest that you go to work and return home. This will allow for maximum efficiency for the highway department and emergency service vehicles to serve the community. We will be providing information to WREB, who in return will be giving updates as to road condition, as well as weather conditions. They are located at 94.3 FM.”

“The general policy of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and the Greencastle Police Department is to NOT ticket individuals who are going to and from work, however, please as always use extreme caution during declared emergencies.

Severe Weather Emergency Declared by the University

A severe weather emergency will be determined by the President of the University or another designated official of the University. When a severe weather emergency is declared by the University, all employees will be compensated at their regular rate based upon their scheduled work hours, regardless of their ability to report to work.  Due to the nature of University operations, it will be likely that a subset of employees are determined to be essential to the continued operation of the University even when academic classes and/or offices are closed.   Employees asked to report to work during a severe weather emergency will be paid for actual hours worked (at overtime pay rate), in addition to the hours scheduled to work.  As an example, an employee scheduled to work 8 hours who also reports to work during a severe weather emergency and works a 10 hour day will be paid a total of 23 hours (eight as inclement weather hours and ten overtime hours  worked). Inclement weather pay will be equivalent to the hours scheduled to be worked on the day of the severe weather emergency

Severe Weather as Determined by the Employee

DePauw University considers the safety of all University employees as top priority. If a severe weather emergency has not been declared by the University and an employee is unable to report to work because of hazardous conditions, the employee must notify their department in accordance with established departmental procedures for reporting absences.  It is the employee’s discretion to have the time off work classified as any of the following (up to amounts available to the employee as accrued); use of personal time, use of vacation time, or unpaid time off.