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Life Cronology

1899 Born April 11th in Montgomery, Alabama, to James Sumner Julian and Elizabeth Adams Julian Julian with DePauw Science Club Members, 1918 Julian standing during commencement Julian shaking hands following commencement
1920 Graduated Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian from DePauw University
1923 Received his MA degree from Harvard University
1927-32 Served as Assistant Professor, Professor and Head of Chemistry Department, Howard University
1931 Received his PhD degree from the University of Vienna, Austria
1932-36 Served as Research Fellow in Organic Chemistry, DePauw University; began work on the synthesis of physostigmine, a drug used in treatment of glaucoma
1932-36 Director of Undergraduate research in the DePauw University Chemistry Department
1935 Married Anna Johnson, December 24; children: Percy Lavon, Faith Roscelle
1936-53 Directed research and managed fine chemicals for the Glidden Company; developed synthetic cortisone, an inexpensive drug in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as many other commercial and medicinal uses for soy-based products
1947 Received the Springarn Medal from the NAACP
1950 Received the Chicagoan of the Year award from the Chicago Sun-Times
1954 Founded Julian Laboratories in Oak Park, Illinois and Laboratorios Julian de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico
1961 Sold Julian Laboratories to Smith, Kline and French for 2.3 million dollars
1964 Retired as President of Julian Laboratories, Inc. and Laboratorios Julian de Mexico
1975 Died April 19 in Waukegan, Illinois