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Students who wish to complete the professional study in music required for the Bachelor of Music degree as well as the full liberal arts curriculum required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in a discipline outside of music have that option. The program requires five years of study. Unlike the B.M. and B.M.A. degrees with a second liberal arts major, the double degree program requires that students fulfill all College of Liberal Arts degree requirements, including the distribution area requirements and the competency requirements, as well as complete work in a College of Liberal Arts major. A minimum cumulative liberal arts GPA of 2.8 and a minimum cumulative music GPA of 2.8 are required. Completing the requirements for both degrees will require at least 43 course credits, including ensembles, lessons and recitals. Students in the double degree program are expected to take lessons and participate in ensembles each of their five years in the program.

Requirements for the Class of 2026 and 2027

Requirements for Class of 2025 and Earlier