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Walker Wins Walker

Christine Walker and President Casey

November 30, 2011

At last spring's academic awards ceremony, ITAP staff and interns were thrilled to witness Christine Walker, Class of '11, win DePauw's Walker Cup. The award, named for 1890 DePauw graduate Guy Morrison Walker, recognizes the senior student judged to have contributed the most to the University during his or her four-year college career. The award winner, who also served as class president, held an on-campus internship with the HelpDesk as a Student Director. Her internship enabled her to interact with faculty and staff members from various academic and administrative departments across the campus. When asked about her ITAP experience, Walker noted the ITAP made significant contributions to her ability to take risks in leadership roles. She added, "ITAP is, I think, potentially DePauw’s best kept secret . . . if you want the most fulfilling, rewarding, incredible, motivating, challenging DePauw experience that you can possibly have in four years, you have to do ITAP. You have to." Walker made great contributions to ITAP, including hosting a workshop on leadership as part of the Professional Development Series.

For more information on Walker's win, please see Christine Walker Receives 2011 Walker Cup.