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Istvan Csicsery-Ronay



Media Relations
101 E. Seminary St.
Greencastle, IN, 46135-0037


Professor of English


Global science fiction, Human-animal studies (links between animal behavior and human culture), History of science fiction, Science fiction (how it inspires technological innovation), Science fiction (non-United States), Techno-culture studies (how technology affects cultures)


Istvan Csicsery-Ronay is editor of Science Fiction Studies, the leading international journal about science fiction that is located at DePauw University. He is working on a book, a collection of essays, about the evolution of science fiction and the ways it has affected global culture, especially in the 20th century. His special interests include techno-culture studies (ways technology, especially communication technology, affect cultures) and human-animal studies (links between animal behavior and human culture). He has a Faculty Fellowship, starting in fall 2015, to further his study and work on screen comedy (television, film and Internet sites).