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Oware book gets favorable review in academic journal

Oware book gets favorable review in academic journal

February 13, 2020

Matthew Oware teaches a class

Matthew Oware’s 2018 book, “I’ve Got Something to Say: Gender, Race, and Social Consciousness in Rap Music,” was favorably reviewed in the February issue of Sociological Inquiry, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal.

Oware is the Lester Martin Jones professor of sociology and director of the Africana Studies Program.

Matthew Oware at rostrumReviewer Erik T. Withers notes that Oware’s study covers a wide gamut of rap artists – male, female, underground and queer rappers – and “exposes under-examined nuances of how gender, race and sexuality structure the genre in unique ways.”

The review said in part: “The true gem of this text is its teachability in both undergraduate and graduate social science courses. This book would be a great addition to the reading lists of race and ethnicity courses, gender courses and even theory and methods courses. The appendix offers a clear and concise outline of how the study was conducted, and how the data were analyzed, which gives students a good example of how a rigorous pop culture content analysis is conducted. …

“Oware makes a very timely and broad sweeping contribution to the understanding of contemporary rap, and to the fields of racial and ethnic studies, intersectionality, and pop culture. A must read for anyone interested in the subject matters.”