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Biology News

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Grant Gives Students Access to Microscopes "Most Other Schools Like DePauw Don't Have"

November 29, 2018

"Powerful imaging equipment typically found at major research institutions will soon be part of the  DePauw University campus," begins an Inside Indiana… Read More

Barbara Kingsolver '77 to Begin Work Soon on Screen Adaptation of The Poisonwood Bible

November 25, 2018

Barbara Kingsolver, the 1977 DePauw University graduate whose latest best-seller is Unsheltered, says plans are in the works to bring two of her novels… Read More

Brian Dixon '01 is Director of Public Health Informatics at Regenstrief Institute & IU Public Health

November 23, 2018

Brian E. Dixon, a 2001 graduate of DePauw University, "has been named the first director of public health informatics for the Regenstrief Institute and… Read More

Jeff Bird '81 Offers "Whole-Person Healthier Options" for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018

"Picture this: your extended family is gathered in a circle around the dining room table, each person in turn stating something he or she is thankful for… Read More

Bee Research of Elisabeth Wilson '17 is in Minnesota Public Radio Spotlight

November 1, 2018

Research on bees being conducted by Elisabeth Wilson, a 2017 DePauw University graduate who is now in graduate school at North Dakota State University… Read More

Tom Mote '74 and Other DePauw Graduates Work to Create School for Global Health in Central Indiana

October 29, 2018

"There are no medical schools in the U.S. dedicated to global health, but a team of Hoosier health leaders wants to make Indiana home to the first one… Read More

Author Barbara Kingsolver '77 Seeks "Truth and Beauty"

October 27, 2018

A USA Today article offering "Best bets for your weekend reading" recommends Unsheltered, the new novel by 1977 DePauw University graduate Barbara Kingsolver… Read More

Wall Street Journal's 'Influencers' Spotlight Finds Barbara Kingsolver '77

October 18, 2018

According to Barbara Kingsolver, "It’s a fascinating life, being a novelist." She tells the Wall Street Journal, "It’s a kind of controlled schizophrenia… Read More

Tyler Perfitt '13 Awarded American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

October 14, 2018

Tyler Perfitt, a 2013 DePauw University graduate and now in graduate school at Vanderbilt University, is the recipient of a predoctoral fellowship from… Read More

Grant Creates Buehler Biomedical Imaging Center

October 9, 2018

DePauw University students conducting research will have access to cutting-edge light and electron microscopes as they study regeneration biology, wound… Read More

DePauw Dr. David Harsha Talks Ultrasounds with Newspaper

October 2, 2018

An article in the Current of Carmel, Indiana points to how ultrasounds are being used to diagnose and treat sports injuries.  "Dr. David Harsha with Hendricks… Read More

Research by Tyler Bussian '15 Discovers "Zombie Cells" in Brains of Mice Prior to Cognitive Loss

September 20, 2018

Tyler Bussian, a 2015 graduate of DePauw University and currently a student at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, is the first author… Read More

Independent Bookstores Will Offer Special Edition of Barbara Kingsolver's ('77) Unsheltered

September 2, 2018

"HarperCollins is releasing an exclusive edition of Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel, Unsheltered, for independent bookstores only," notes the American Booksellers… Read More

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver '77 Among 'The Most Anticipated Books of Fall'

August 17, 2018

Unsheltered, the upcoming novel by 1977 DePauw University graduate Barbara Kingsolver, is listed among "The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2018" by Publishers… Read More

Physician Assistant Chelsea LaGrange '13 Joins Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Practice

August 6, 2018

Chelsea LaGrange, a physician assistant and 2013 graduate of DePauw University, has joined Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Carle Foundation Hospital… Read More

Alex Peterson '19 is Wabash County Festivals Queen

July 30, 2018

Alex Peterson, a rising senior at DePauw University, has been crowned the Wabash County Festivals Queen. "As Queen, Peterson will be taking part in North… Read More

Statewide Public Radio Report Spotlights DePauw's "Inclusive Excellence" Grant

July 25, 2018

"DePauw University will receive a five year, $1 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to encourage more women and minority students… Read More

Wallace J. Nichols '89 to Address Institute for Human and Planetary Health Symposium

July 23, 2018

Wallace J. Nichols, marine biologist, author and 1989 graduate of DePauw University, will speak at the Institute for Human and Planetary Health's (IHPH)… Read More

"Nico-Team" Seeks Answers in Zebrafish

July 19, 2018

At what age do juvenile zebrafish begin seeking nicotine? Two rising DePauw juniors are trying to answer that seemingly random question – and their pursuit… Read More

Barbara Kingsolver '77 to Keynote Literacy Fundraiser in NC

July 15, 2018

Barbara Kingsolver, bestselling author and 1977 graduate of DePauw University, will keynote the Literacy Council of Buncombe County’s 11th annual Authors… Read More

DePauw Receives $1 Million 'Inclusive Excellence' STEM Grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

June 20, 2018

DePauw University is one of 33 colleges and universities nationwide to receive a five-year, $1 million 2018 grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute… Read More

Unsheltered, by Barbara Kingsolver '77, Listed Among the Fall's Most Anticipated New Books

June 11, 2018

"Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming may be the glittering jewel in the fall books season, but plenty of other big-name baubles are headed for bookstores… Read More

Former DePauw Prof. Kathleen Jagger '75 to Serve as Acting President of Thomas More College

June 8, 2018

Kathleen S. Jagger, a 1975 graduate of DePauw University, was today appointed acting president of Thomas More College. Dr. Jagger, vice president for academic… Read More

DePauw Students Practice the Future During CRISPR Training

April 23, 2018

Imagine inserting a roadmap and a pair of scissors into an embryo smaller than this "o." Twelve DePauw University students and six professors were able… Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Maria Haag '13 Receives Mizzou 18 Award

April 19, 2018

Maria T. Haag, a 2013 graduate of DePauw University and now a Ph.D. candidate in animal sciences at the University of Missouri, is one of 18 graduate students… Read More

Gabrielle Coffing '19 Wins Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

April 8, 2018

Gabrielle Coffing, a junior at DePauw University, is the recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship for the 2018-19 academic year. The award is presented by… Read More

Op-Ed by Two Senior Environmental Fellows Published in Indiana Newspaper

March 25, 2018

"Our generation cares about a lot of issues, whether it’s LGBTQIA rights, climate change, or immigration," write DePauw University seniors Molly Madden… Read More

Summer Asad '20 Selected for Selective Summer Leadership Program

March 17, 2018

Summer Asad, a DePauw University sophomore, has been named a member of the 2018 class of Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows. The highly selective fellowship… Read More

New Novel by Award-Winning Barbara Kingsolver '77 Set for October Release

February 22, 2018

"When I discovered I could make a living as a novelist that was a jackpot because the novelist has to know about everything," Barbara Kingsolver says.… Read More

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