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Presenting our 2016 Graduates!

June 8, 2016

Here they are just after presenting their senior theses at the Women's Center. Left to right, they (and their topics) are: 

  • Taylor Jones, "Billie Holliday: The Selling of Black Culture"

  • Hanna Viti, "Queer Research: Deconstructing Compulsory Heterosexuality and Coming to Queer in the Midst of Social Conflict"

  • Hanae Weber, "'The Kindest of Women': The Search for Agatha Biddle"

  • ShaKira Gibson, "Deconstructing Black Hegemonic Masculinity and Its Potential Impact on Women: An analysis of Steve Harvey’s 'Act Like Lady, Think Like A Man'" 

  • Caitlin Qua (Art History major and WGSS minor), "Medieval Nuns and Christ: An Analysis of a Queer Relationship."

It was a fascinating and varied afternoon to cap off a great year. Others who participated in the WGSS senior thesis workshop (2015-16) include Megan Bailey, who was working on an honors thesis, "No War, No Peace: Women’s Experiences in the Democratic Republic of Congo"; Theresa Carper, whose senior thesis is a comedy called "A (Wo)man’s Work" (it's about young women in the tech industry); Education major Malcolm Steele, "How do Students Construct ‘Use Value’ at a Midwestern Liberal Arts Institution?" and photographer Vicky Lu Bai, whose conceptual/visual art project was titled, "Fake Photoshop Commercial."