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Senior Art History Major Jordan Horton '19 Presents at Undergraduate Symposium

April 24, 2019

Jordan Horton, an art history major and museum studies minor, recently presented her own research at a symposium of

Jordan Hortonundergraduate research held at the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The symposium was organized around the theme of "place making," inspired by artist Alyson Schotz's one-woman show at the museum. Jordan’s presentation was on the memorial to J. Marion Sims in New York City, and the controversy surrounding it in recent years. Sims was a 19th century physician, called the “father of modern gynecology,” but who practiced his experimental surgery onenslaved black women, operating often repeatedly and without anesthetics, and many now feel that a monument celebrating his life and work is inappropriate. Jordan is researching, as part of her senior thesis, the history and implications of this controversy in the context of the history and practice of public monuments in America and their relation to the history of racism. She will share the results of this research as her art history senior thesis presentation, which will be open to the public, on Tuesday, May 7, at 4:15